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April 26 2021

Emmanuel Giner Appointed Vice President, Knowledge Economy

GPL-Gallagher is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Emmanuel Giner as Vice President, Knowledge Economy. In his nearly 13 years with GPL assurance, Mr. Giner has demonstrated great skills in managing a number of major clients. Among other things, he has distinguished himself by his positive leadership, his ability to work as a team and…
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March 31 2021

Christian Giner becomes President of GPL-Gallagher

GPL-Gallagher is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Christian Giner as President for Quebec. Mr. Giner has been a key pillar of the team for over a decade. Since joining the company, he has supported, managed and grown a portfolio of major clients and has been an integral part of the management team, most recently as…
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February 08 2021

David Chartrand appointed Vice President, Strategic Growth

GPL-Gallagher’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christian Giner, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. David Chartrand as Vice President, Strategic Growth. Mr. Chartrand joined GPL Assurance in 2016 and has since made a remarkable contribution to the growth of the company’s Construction division. He has stood out for his leadership, his work ethic, and…
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January 06 2021

Marie-Christine Pépin Appointed Vice-President, Enterprises and SME

Christian Giner, President, is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie-Christine Pépin as Vice President, Enterprise and SME. Marie-Christine joined GPL-Gallagher in 2014 and immediately demonstrated her strong dedication to customer service, one of our core values. After a successful year at the helm of Enterprises, it seemed natural to also entrust her with the…
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May 05 2020

P&C insurers and COVID-19: an analysis by the Insurance Journal

Over the past month, P&C insurers across Canada have introduced various relief measures for their clients affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Following our efforts, the Insurance Journal detailed the numerous measures available on the market to support Canadians. Click here to read the Insurance Journal’s article (available in French only)

April 23 2020

P&C insurers and COVID-19 – Mixed impact of relief measures for businesses

On April 5, 2020, our president and CEO in Québec, Louis-Thomas Labbé, took position for the freeze of insurance premiums for the rest of 2020. Highlights Many key players of the industry across Canada have acted upon to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. So far, most relief measures are aimed at helping individuals. Some measures…
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April 05 2020

COVID-19 : What are P&C insurers currently doing to help?

“A premium freeze for 2020, why not?” “Over the past 40 years of my career in the insurance industry, I have witnessed many situations resulting in significant imbalances, both in terms of human lives and financial impacts. Yet, the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented given its global impact on human populations and the economic turmoil it…
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March 12 2019

Gallagher continues to excel

2018 was a great year; Gallagher celebrated 90 years in business. Plus, we made Forbes’ list of the “World’s Best Employers” — the only insurance broker to do so, and it’s the eight consecutive year we’ve been named a World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute.