The Gallagher GPL Culture and Mottos

In April of 2021, the leadership team of GPL decided to engage all staff members in an activity to identify the qualities that, according to them, best represent our team and our work environment, as well as those that make us attractive to our clientele and those who would potentially join our firm.

In two remote sessions, the first one with the leadership team and the second with a group of over 100 employees, the games invited participants to suggest words, phrases and stories, sometimes quite amusing, that represent our team and firm well. Both experiences were fun and revealing at the same time, even if at that time it was still unclear how this information would be used.

The group in charge of this project, managed by David Chartrand, VP Strategic Development, compiled, sorted and molded all of the words to present a total of 6 mottos that best describe who we are and what we offer.

On September 10th 2021, at the inaugural activity opening a new page in the history of GPL now becoming Gallagher GPL, our employees finally discovered the importance of the initial activities. We heard such great comments about our mottos, receiving them as the perfect expression of our company culture. We are so pleased with the result!

To learn more about our mottos, click here.

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