Damage Insurance
and Financial
Services Firm

Gallagher GPL – Damage Insurance and Financial Services Firm

Gallagher GPL is a local Quebec based damage insurance and financial services firm, with professional teams who always remain close and attentive to our clientele. Gallagher GPL is also a member of the internationally renowned Gallagher family, through which we now combine our years of experience to the wealth in knowledge of expert colleagues from around the world, to benefit our clients.

Our expertise

Our teams of experienced professionals work together to offer comprehensive services including consulting and risk management, covering a variety of specialties to answer all of our clients’ individual needs.

Our Mottos

We present our set of mottos defining everything from our client services to the work environment we have created together at Gallagher GPL. We are very proud of this collective project!

Join our team!

Gallagher GPL is always looking for talented and motivated individuals who strive for excellence and professionalism in client service.

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