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Our Added Value

Our market positioning is based on the added value of our services which provide innovative and practical solutions to clients in regards to insurance and risk management.

Risk Assessment

We establish a risk analysis for all of our clients. Our experts are equipped to carry out promptly an accurate and customized analysis for our clientele.

Claims Process

Our mission is to help our clients proactively during the claims process. The process can sometimes seem onerous, but our experts are there to monitor the progress and ensure the best settlement for our clients. We first explain what constitutes a claim and then shed light on the duties and obligations related to such claim.

Continuous Service

Our commitment to our clientele is not limited to the renewal period. We remain at your disposal for any questions or requests throughout the term of insurance whether it be for a change of address, a new clinical trial, a new investment, a new contract to sign, or otherwise. We remain at our clients’ disposal to simplify the understanding of their insurance program.