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Our Added Value

Our market positioning is based on the added value of our services which provide innovative and practical solutions to clients in regards to insurance and risk management.

We are specialists and we leverage our expertise, our understanding of the client’s operations, the potential legal impacts and our knowledge of partners (clients and insurers) with whom we do business to negotiate the best possible terms and conditions.

Insurance Markets and the Negotiation Process

Over the years, we have established business relationships with all major insurance companies both locally and nationally. We have earned a strong reputation with insurers because of our integrity and the personal relationships of trust, with underwriters, developed over the years.

Submission to the Insurance Markets

We recognize that the marketing submission prepared on your behalf is the insurer’s first impression of your company, thus we ensure an accurate and thorough professionally presented submission. The consistency of doing so has won us the reputation we have earned in the marketplace, transcending back to our clientele.

Negotiation Process

  • Risk Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Review and validation with client
  • Underwriting submission
  • Presentation to Insurer with client participation if desired
  • Terms and Conditions negotiation