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Archives mensuelles: April 2020

April 23 2020

P&C insurers and COVID-19 – Mixed impact of relief measures for businesses

On April 5, 2020, our president and CEO in Québec, Louis-Thomas Labbé, took position for the freeze of insurance premiums for the rest of 2020.


  • Many key players of the industry across Canada have acted upon to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. So far, most relief measures are aimed at helping individuals. Some measures are specifically targeted to businesses, with limited measures to freeze or reduce premiums.
  • The most common measure displayed is an auto insurance premium reduction, ranging from 15% to 75%, depending on the situation. Other measures include flexible payment options or a case-by-case approach.
  • Premium adjustments for businesses are often suggested, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Some insurers have extended coverage to elements that are not usually covered under basic insurance contracts, for instance:
    • Free temporary auto insurance coverage for using vehicles to make deliveries.
    • Free of charge increase of amounts covered for property insurance.

What’s in it for you?

COVID-19 related relief measures are available on most P&C insurers’ website. Please consult the following pages to discover what’s in it for you.

Please note this list is non-exhaustive, and the measures displayed are evolving on an ongoing basis.

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

  • Auto insurance premium reductions

Aviva Canada

  • Auto insurance premium reductions
  • Waived NSF


  • Personal auto insurance premium reductions


  • Auto insurance premium reductions


  • Auto insurance premium reductions

Desjardins Insurance

  • Auto insurance premium reductions
  • Refund of commercial vehicle insurance premiums
  • Free temporary auto insurance coverage (deliveries)
  • Temporary increase of insurance limit

Economical Insurance

  • Auto insurance premium reductions
  • Waived NSF
  • Case-by-case premium adjustments for SMBs

Federated Insurance Company of Canada

  • Policy change for parked vehicles

Gore Mutual Insurance Company

  • Auto insurance premium reductions
  • Personal liability and business property coverage up to $5,000 on all existing personal property policies

iA Financial Group

  • Auto insurance premium reductions

Intact Insurance

  • Personal auto insurance premium reductions
  • Premium adjustments for SMBs
  • Premium adjustments for change of use or storage of commercial vehicles


  • Auto insurance premium reductions

La Capitale

  • Auto insurance premium reductions

National Bank Insurance

  • Auto insurance premium reductions
  • Waived NSF


April 05 2020

COVID-19 : What are P&C insurers currently doing to help?

“A premium freeze for 2020, why not?”

“Over the past 40 years of my career in the insurance industry, I have witnessed many situations resulting
in significant imbalances, both in terms of human lives and financial impacts. Yet, the COVID-19 crisis is
unprecedented given its global impact on human populations and the economic turmoil it has caused on
financial markets. Unfortunately, the consequences are far from over. We will feel a shock wave for many
years to come.

… Regrettably, most property and casualty insurers are simply not doing enough in the current situation.”

Louis-Thomas Labbé, MBA, FPAA, CRM
President and Chief Executive Officer
GPL assurance/Gallagher Québec

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